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A community for those looking to improve themselves physically, mentally, and athletically.

 Inspire. Challenge. Educate.

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Check Out Our Latest Special Guest VOD

Emily Perrin is a mindfulness expert that has made huge strides in helping athletes with the mental side of competition.  In this episode Emily and Greg discuss what mental training can do for athletes on and off the field.  Check out this episode as well as others with the link here:

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Movement Index

Increase your knowledge, perfect your form and learn a ton from this library of movements neatly organized for you to view.

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FOAthlete Performance

Strength and Conditioning designed specifically for elite FaceOff men.  Build strength and power, get your work capacity up for the fourth quarter and stay mobile/flexible and healthy.

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Special Guest VOD

Conversations with some of the best and brightest in the athletic realm.  Athletes, Coaches, Experts.  Listen as they demonstrate their knowledge and tell some of their own entertaining stories.

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Program Templates

Strength and conditioning program templates written and used personally by Beast and other OBL athletes & coaches.


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