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The Official Beast Lab FOAthlete Performance Program Directed by Greg Gurenlian

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Become part of an Elite group of FaceOff men with Greg “Beast” Gurenlian as your personal Strength and conditioning programmer, Remote Faceoff coach and Mentor.  Strength and Conditioning designed specifically for elite FaceOff men.  Build strength and power, get your work capacity up for the fourth quarter and stay mobile/flexible and healthy.

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Now in 2022 things have come full circle.  Greg is finally combining his knowledge and passion for strength and conditioning with his expertise and credibility as one of the worlds leading FO coaches.  The FOAthlete Performance program is a unique experience for an athlete. Subscribers to Greg’s system have unparalleled access to him as their Strength and Conditioning programer, remote FaceOff coach and personal mentor.  An athlete’s monthly subscription puts him into an elite group of only 20 athletes world wide that have Greg providing all of his expertise throughout the year in order to help an athlete excel on the field, off the field and guides them to reach their potential as an athlete.  

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With a $299/month subscription, the athlete gets:

  • A face to face introductory consultation with Greg

  • A General Prep Phase planning program 

  • A personalized training program that covers Strength and Conditioning, Mobility, Injury Prevention and FO practice planning Broken into 4 season Mesocycles 

  • A monthly face to face consultation to update programming and modify advancements

  • A specialized email address to reach out to greg 24/7 for guidance

  • An access code for a 20% discount to all Official Beast Lab and FOAthlete Performance gear

  • An Automatic invite to The FaceOff Academy Western Showcase and National Showcase at a discounted rate

  • Free Consultation with Mindfulness Expert Emily Perrin

  • Free Consultation with Sports Nutrition Expert Christian Palmer

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Before the FOA, Greg Gurenlian graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Kinesiology.  After working as the assistant Strength and Conditioning coach for Men’s and Women’s basketball, Greg moved to New York City to build his own training business.  In 2008 Greg began “Brawlic Strength LLC” with a book of over 30 clients.  For year he trained athletes of all types from Professional Lacrosse players, to former track athletes, to recording artists and youth/high school athletes.  Once the FOA took off, Greg had to eventually sell his business in order to make more time for his athletes in The FaceOff Academy.  

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The ultimate training tool combining the things that Greg has expertise and passion for all in one place for athletes who have lofty goals and a desire to reach their absolute potential.  To get started, fill out the FOAthlete Performance application below!

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