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FOAthlete Hand Speed Program

The most common question asked by FO men for decades. “How do I make my hands faster?”.  Coach Beast has used his Strength Training background and biomechanics knowledge in developing a program SPECIFICALLY to make you faster on the whistle.             


Finally I’m sharing a program that solves the holy grail of FaceOff men.  And this is how:


Fast Twitch - Training the overall nervous system to fire at a higher rate so when you do move, you move with as much speed as possible.

Power - Using landmine training to move with as much force as possible so we can create maximal impact on the clamp.

Strength - A balance of varied strength motions to help train both sides of the body to be independently strong and durable.

Hand Speed - Using the patented REP strap system to train the exact muscles and biomechanics of the Face Off.

Reaction - Using the FOApp’s unique randomized cadences to create a hair-trigger anticipation response to our technique rather than guessing.  


All of these layers are patterned in a simple 3-day per week program that provides example links as well as additional wrist & forearm prehab exercises in addition to a full body mobility routine. 


The ultimate Hand Speed Program has arrived. Time to get to work. 

FOAthlete Hand Speed Program

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